Lime prevention systems

The lime dissolved in water(chemically calcium bicarbonate) settles in all water pipes (e. g. copper, plastic, galvanised steel), especially in hot water areas. The resulting incrustations of lime often cause long -term damage to pipes and householdappliances. The limescale deposits become visible really fast at cooking pots and sanitary installations (washbasins, tubs, showers etc. ). Due to the lime celaning becomes more and more dificult. As a result u pay more money for more detergents which pollutes the enviroment. Additionaly the costs to repair your pipes and houshold appliances are very expensive.

The magnetic fields generated by permanently acting high-performance magnets in a special arrangement are changing the structure of lime. As a result lime loses ist adhersive property and becomes easier to remove with plain water. At the same time the structural change leads to slow degradation of lime and rust layers already deposited in the domestic water cycle. This is done by natural carbonic acid, which is released in small amounts when the structure changes. In addition, the surface tension of water is reduced.

Wasser vorher

waterdrops before

Wasser nachher

waterdrops after


ACTIBLOC, activated sludge biological treatment systems which can be used for domestic wastewater with capacity of 1 person up to 500 persons and working as a sequencing batch reactor (SBR), is CE certified and has been designed so that the wastewater treatment yield can reach 97%.

ACTIBLOC’s polyethylene tanks located under the ground and the treatment systems with equipment do not cause loss in space and visual pollution. It does not corrode and rust, it works smoothly for decades. Depending on the amount of wastewater, tanks can be selected as single-walled or double-walled.

ACTIBLOC domestic wastewater treatment plants provides suitable solutions for detached houses, small residential areas, sites, workplaces, hotels or camp sites without sewer connection.

ACTIBLOC wastewater treatment plants produced according to the standards of EN 566-3 + A1 May 12, 2009 can be installed on site, as well as these treatment plants can be produced in a ready-to-use manner and can be commissioned as soon as possible. Because it is closed and located under the floor, it does not cause odor and sound problems.


PUROO, wastewater treatment plant operating according to activated sludge principle and equipped with equipment developed by the German ATB company, works as a sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The pollutants in the wastewater are converted into biomass by microorganisms in the system. After the settling process, the purified water separated from the biomass is removed from the system.

The wastewater from the first section of the PUROO treatment plant comes to the area where the biological treatment is to take place through a gap separating the two section. The settleable solids in the wastewater collapse in the first section. The gap between the two sections ensures that the water levels are at the same level in both tanks. Thus, the entire surface area of the plant is used as a buffer. The treatment process cycle is also controlled by the water level. The plant has been designed to have three cycles per day for average water consumption.

PUROO domestic wastewater treatment plants provides suitable solutions for detached houses, small residential areas, sites, workplaces, hotels or camp sites without sewer connection.




  • Underground applications.
  • Under areas such as parking area.
  • In places where housing is not allowed.
  • In sensitive locations where sealing is essential such as water basins.


  • Storage of drinking water, utility water, rain water, fire water, landscape water.
  • Storage of cooling water, process chemicals, etc. in enterprises.
  • Collection of garbage leaking water in solid waste landfills.
  • Waste water supply station.
  • Settling and reactor tank in package treatment systems.
  • Rain water tank.
  • Sealed septic tank.


  • HDPE storage tanks are not affected by acid and base compositions contained in black wastewater, and are not irritate.
  • These are absolutely leakproof.
  • Depending on the requirements, the connection space for the installation of the diffuser and other equipment inside the tank can be prepared.
  • In the septic storage, waste water is stored in cool conditions and odor formation remains at a minimum.
  • The noise pollution caused by the pumps in the treatment operations remains at a minimum.
  • In biological treatment operations, bacteria are protected from extreme temperatures and optimum living conditions are ensured.
  • Thanks to the flat internal walls of the storage tank, especially in the septic operations, the sewage truck is allowed to discharge the storage tank completely.

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